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These terms and conditions guide your access to and use of this website (SEO Ranking Masters). You must not use this website in any way which is unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or against the set Terms and Conditions. By using this website, you accept these terms, conditions, and disclaimers in full. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions or any part of it, you must not use this website.

SEO Ranking Masters maintains the right to temporarily or permanently change or remove the Website or any part of it as per your wish, and you certify that Web Design Creations will not be accountable to you for such a change or elimination; and make adjustments to these Terms and Conditions at any moment, and your extended use of the Website after any changes shall be considered as your acknowledgement of such a change.

Links to Third Parties

This website may include links to intermediary sites that are regulated and managed by others. Links to other websites does not necessarily mean their affirmation, and you accept and agree that we are in any way not answerable for the content or accessibility of any of those sites.


You agree all the content, trademarks copyright, and other intellectual property rights in the Website are owned or used by SEO Ranking Masters as sanctioned by law. By accessing the site, you acknowledge that you will access the content for individual use with no intentions of making a profit out of it.

You cannot download, copy or distribute it without the permission of the copyright owner. This does not include copying, downloading or printing of web pages of the Website for individual, non-profitable use at home.

Limitations of Liability & Disclaimers

SEO Ranking Masters will not be accountable to you for the damage or loss that may come about as a result of the contents of, use of, or anything linked to this website.  SEO Ranking Masters does not provide surety that the operations of the site will be free of errors or uninterrupted, that mistakes will be rectified and that the server or website that makes it possible is free from malware or anything which may render it unsafe.

You agree to remit and hold SEO Ranking Masters and its staff from or against all the damages, charges or fees related to allegations against SEO Ranking Masters that come about as a result of the violation of these Terms and Conditions or the capabilities that come about as a result of using your Website.

Compensation from Web Design Creations

SEO Ranking Masters will not approve any compensation if one has used any of our services like email accounts or if they have requested for graphics or logo prior to any web services being finished and received them. Refunds will only be given at the initial stages of design and not after one has requested modifications.


Terms and Conditions shall be severed, and the remaining ones will continue to exist and remain active, effective, mandatory and enforceable if they are declared invalid or non-sanctionable for whatever reason by any court or proficient jurisdiction.

Guiding Law

The Terms and Conditions set shall be guided by and interpreted according to the law of England, and you hereby comply with the restricted arbitration of the English courts.